Hello, I'm Shawn!

Shawn Rebello I am an engineer and a perpetual learner who loves building stuff with code.

I live in Bangalore and work at Tetrate on the Maintainability team.

Tetrate is a startup based out of Silicon Valley, working on the next generation of networking services using Istio, Envoy and a few of the open-source projects defining the next generation of network, authorization and security for Fortune 500 companies.

Previously, I worked at a fintech startup called Juspay as an SDE working on highly available, high traffic, payment processing backend APIs (Purescript, Node.js, Haskell)

I also setup/managed parts of its cloud infrastructure (Istio service mesh, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Envoy Proxy, Nginx, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, Sentry, AWS)

My interests

Shawn Rebello I enjoy working on distributed systems, and tackling problems related to scalability and reliability.

In my free time I experiment with various programming languages/paradigms, or work to improve my understanding of the tools/protocols/frameworks that I work with.

While my primary focus is on backends, distributed systems & infrastructure, I'm a generalist and I try not to limit myself to any specific language/tool/framework. I have also built frontends & mobile apps in the past

Outside of programming rockets and space excite me, and I'm a very big fan of SpaceX

I also like reading about history & finance.

Say hi

Should you wish to contact me, you can reach out to me using my email

contact (at) shawnrebello (dot) com