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Some of my Projects
Multitenant Hospital Management Appmore_vert
Multitenant Hospital Management Appclose

This hospital management application ( made as a college project ) includes registration of patients, storing their details into the system and invoicing. The web application was developed to assist the hospital in managing patients, doctors and other staff.
The application allows multiple hospitals to use one software with a unique subdomain and the data of each hospital is separated. Patients can create an account which will be used to store patient data, prescriptions and diagnosis data.
They can search availability of a doctor and his/her details using their account and book an appointment. Using the admin interface, accounts can be created for doctors, patients, staff and application admin. The patient will be able to learn about the doctor’s availability and book appointment accordingly.
It can be used by the hospital’s pharmacy to dispense medicines without any printed prescription by using the user id instead.
The companion mobile application allows patients to book appointments using their phones.

This Application is hosted at

GPS Treasure Hunt Android Appmore_vert
GPS Treasure Hunt Android Appclose

Hot Or Cold GPS Treasure Hunt is a GPS game which uses "Hot" and "Cold" instead of directions to guide the people to the target.

The app also allows these targets to be shared to your friends via various apps like ShareIt, Whatsapp, Facebook or Email in form of a QR Code :

This Mobile Application is deployed at id=com.shawnrebello.hotorcold251239&hl=en

3D Model Of My Collegemore_vert
3D Model Of My Collegeclose

I built this 3D Model in of my college as a Computer Graphics Project.

It is 100% code and uses no images or modelling software
It was coded usingC language and OpenGL

The user can use the mouse to drag and rotate the model along all 3 axes.

There are two lighting conditions that can be toggled using the menu [12:00pm lighting | 6:00pm lighting]

The position of the camera/viewer can be translated along x, y, z axes (+ or -) using the keys x, X, y, Y, z, Z

Invoicing Web Applicationmore_vert
Invoicing Web Applicationclose

I made this Invoicing application in order to hone my web development skills.
The UI uses CSS3 with sass and uses the Bootstrap Framework to make it responsive (fit both Desktop and mobile screens).

Calculations on the client side are done using jQuery. The Backend of this app is built with Ruby On Rails Framework, with a PostgreSQL database. Authentication features like account creation,login & reset password have been added. A User can create invoices , print invoices and view his Total Billings by date in form of a Graph.
This web application is hosted at
A test account with a few invoices has been created:


password: demouser

QR Code makermore_vert
QR Code makerclose

Web application that allows user to input a String or a URL. This application will then generate a QR Code for the user input
This QR code will be displayed as HTML on the page It will also be converted to PNG image format and can be downloaded by the user. This generated image is a temporary file and will not be saved to the database and therefore will not waste any space on the server.
This Web Application is hosted at

Dropshipping Storemore_vert
Dropshipping Storeclose

Online store made using Wordpress & WC, Products sourced from Chinese suppliers, advertised using Google AdWords, payment processed using Paypal Express.

This web application is live at

Web Scraping Applicationmore_vert
Web Scraping Applicationclose

This Web Scraping application was made using Ruby On Rails framework
It has a responsive UI made with CSS.

It uses Nokogiri and Mechanize libraries for parsing and simulating user form input

The user can search from Reddit or Digg
The Application will visit the Reddit or Digg page, input the users search term , and collect the search results

The Search Results are then parsed and the Title and Link to the posts are formatted and displayed on the application

This web application is hosted at

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Technical Skills

  • Ruby On Rails Framework
  • Ionic 2 Framework
  • Ruby Programming Language
  • C++ Programming Language
  • Java Programming Language
  • Git
  • C Programming Language
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Web application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Computer graphics with OpenGL
  • Web Scraping with Nokogiri & Mechanize
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • jQuery and other libraries
  • Creating and consuming REST APIs

Sometimes I Blog

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Handsome Alpha Male
Handsome Alpha Male

About Me

Hello there!
I am a self-taught and self-driven Rubyist & Web Dev pursuing Computer Science and Engineering under VTU.

I love to code and learn new programming languages and frameworks

In my free time I have played around with Ruby on Rails and have built responsive web apps for practice.

I have also used APIs (Twitter,Facebook etc) and built scrapers with Ruby to parse data from websites that do not have APIs.

I also play around with Javascript/jQuery/Bootstrap / CSS3 to design responsive frontends for the Rails Backend that I build in my free time.